Easton Basketball History


Early Basketball


1911:  Easton lost at Washburn 47 to 7.

1912:  Easton had one game which was to be played at Presque Isle Feb. 2nd.


1913:  No indication of basketball from 1913- 1916

1914:  The Northern Aroostook Interscholastic League is founded.

1915:  Played their games in a small hall and did not have a regular place to practice.  Did receive some tutelage from Presque Isle on how to play the game.  They played approximately six games winning very few.



1917:  The third league game of basketball was played on Friday night, between Easton high school and WHS.  Both teams put up an excellent game, playing fine basket ball. W. H. S. won with a score of 32 to 18.  They played five games three with Washburn and two with Limestone


1918:  Played in the local league, finished the season with a 2 -2 record.

1919:  Played eight games this season and had a record of 5-3.  Teams played were Limestone, A.C.I, Presque Isle Rafflers, Washburn..

1920:  Now playing games in the Town Hall, season ended with a 4-6 record.

1921:  Began looking for a larger hall to play games.  Had a record of 3-6, players on the team were:  Lynch, Cummings, Todd, Fuller, Shaw,and Morse.

1922:  Began the season with a win over B.C.A. 19-8, season record was 2 – 5.

1923:  Were playing their games in the Grange Hall.  Easton had played Washburn and Ashland this year and had a win over the Easton Town team.

1924:  They did have a team as records indicate they lost badly to Fort Fairfield twice.


1921 Easton Bears. Courtesy of Easton H.S. Library


1927:  The first home league game of the Aroostook Central High school Athletic Association was played at the Opera House on Friday night. The schools represented in this association are Bridgewater, Ashland, Fort Kent, Easton and Limestone. The basketball team met defeat in two games last week. On Thursday  night they were defeated by Limestone at Limestone by a score of 35 to 11 and '0n Friday night they played at Easton and were defeated 36 to 21.


1928:  Played in Central Aroostook League, final record not available.


1930:  Had 2 - 8 record in the Central Aroostook League. Senior leaders on the team were Milt MCBride, Winn Hoyt and Claude McKay.

1931:  Had an overall record of 11-10, and a league record of 3 -3, the coach was a Mr. Elsmore.  Players:  Almon Dodge, Harold Cheney, Harold Jewell, Cecil Knight, Aldine Wortman, and Earle Perrigo.





1937:  The Easton girls finished fourth in the Aroostook Central League with a 4 – 4 record.  The boys had a league record of 1 – 7.

1938:  The Easton boys were third in the Aroostook Central League with a 3 – 5 record. The girls were 5th in the league with a 1 – 7 record

1939:  The Easton girls were 1 – 7 again this year, while the boys finished with a 2 – 6 record..

1940:  The Easton girls were 2 – 4 this season and the boys were second in the League with a 6 – 2 record..

1940 Easton Bears:  Winston Dudley, Winston Corey, Pat Brown, Winston Morse, John Lynch, Vaughn Fitzherbert, Paul Mullen, Ernie Scribner, Milton Dudley, Coach – Ken Clark.  Photo courtesy of PaperTalk magazine

1941:  The boys were 8 -  0 in the Aroostook Central League.  Easton participated in the Aroostook Small School Tournament losing to losing to Oakfield 22 – 19 in the semi-final, M. Dudley led Easton with nine points.  They went on to defeat Van Buren in the consolation game 38 – 32, M. Dudley had 24 points in the game.

1942:  Easton was third in the Aroostook Centrel League with a 3-3 record.

1943:  Easton undeclared Champion

1944:  In League play Easton was 7-1 and had an overall record of 13  5. Easton undeclared champion.

1945:  Were defeated by Mapleton 26 – 22 in the first round of the Aroostook Small School Tournament.

1946:  Regular season unknown.  Easton defeated A.C.I. 37 – 21 in semi finals of  the Aroostook M & S Tournament and lost to Patten 43 to 32 in the Championship game.


1947:  Apparently did not participate in the Aroostook Central League this year.


1948: Easton eliminated favored Mapleton 37 – 24 in the first round of the County Small School Tournament , played A.C.I in the second round and came away with a 46 – 36 win, Perley Dean had 14 for the Bears and McIntyre added 12.  Easton then lost to Washburn 37 – 33 in the County Final, McIntyre was the leading scorer for Easton with 16 points. McIntyre was named to the County All-Star first team and Perley Dean to the second team.  Won the quarter final game against Oakfield 40 to 29, P. Dean led Easton with 15 and McIntyre added 13.  Eliminated in semi-final by GSA 41-40 McIntyre an Osgood had 13 each and Dean contributed 9.


1949:  Easton played Oakfield in the first round of the County Small School Tournament losing 51 - 33  Dean and McIntyre led Easton with 9 and 7 points respectively.  Easton and Mapleton tied for first place in the Aroostook Central League.  Defeated Mapleton in the Class M quarter-final 41 – 28 with McIntye pumping in 14 points and Osgood 12 an Perley Dean added 7. Defeated Bucksport 38-35 in the semi-final and lost to Milo 50 – 23 in the EM Final, Connie Osgood led Easton with 6 points.  John McIntyre was selected to the Class M All-Tourney team.


1950:  In the Aroostook County tournament Island Falls defeated Easton 43 – 38 in the quarter-finals. No Tournament appearance


1951:  In the Aroostook M & S Tournament held in Presque Isle Easton defeated Bridgewater 52 – 37 in the first round; Lost to Hodgdon in the second round 62 – 47.  Hersey was selected to the All – Tournament first team.


1952:   Tied for the Central Aroostook League title.  They made it to the finals of the Aroostook Small Schools tournament, they defeated Mapleton and A.C.I. then lost to Washburn in the final 37-33.  The were invited to the Eastern Maine Small School tournament where they defeated Oakfield in the quarter-final and then lost to George Stevens 41 – 40 in the semi-final.  Leading scorers were John McIntyire, Connie Osgood and Perley Dean.  Coach was Frank Tapley.


1953:  Easton not in the league this year.


1954: Easton finished fourth in the Aroostook Central League with a 2 – 4 record.  In the County small school tournament they defeated Hodgdon 52 – 48 and lost to Island Falls 70-44 in the semi-final round.


1955:  Had a successful season with a record of 18 – 2 and were co-champions of the Central Aroostook League and were the top seed in the Eastern Maine S. Tournament.  They defeated Hodgdon in the quarter-final 65-35 and lost to Bridgewater in the semi-final 69 – 51.  Barry Tapley led the team in scoring with 297 points, McIntyre had 296 and Russ LaPointe 273. The girls also had a team this year and had a record of 2-6, Rayma Garrison led the team in scoring with 80 points and Delores Keegan 69.  The team was coached by Glenna Dickey.


1956:  Easton defeated Bridgewater in a play-off game held in Houlton 84-77 in front of 2,000 fans. Mickey Perry led the “Bears” with 22 points while Barry Tapley pumped in 20, C. B. Osgood added 21 and Russ LaPointe 16.  In the Class S Regional Tournament they defeated Oakfield 95 – 41 and Bridgewater 84 – 76.  When to tournament ranked no. 1 and defeated Albion in the quarter final 63-54.  In the semi-final lost to no. 8 Beals 80-78.


1957:  See Document


1958:  They were 16- 2 during the regular season.  They were the no. 1 seed in the S Regional Tournament where they defeated Sherman 69 – 58 and Mattawamkeag 70 – 54.    In the quarter final round defeated Washington Acad. 66 – 44. Defeated St. Martins 65 – 41 in the semi final an lost to MDI in the Final 91 – 56.  Barry Tapley was selected to the All-Tournament first team, Doug Dodge 2nd team and Darrell Spencer was an honorable mention.  The completed the year with a 20-3 record.  Tapley led the team in scoring 17.3ppg, and Dale Grant 16.5ppg.


1959:  The Bears completed the regular season with a 9 – 9 record and an overall record of 13 – 10.  This year was Class S, they defeated Island Falls in the first game of the Regional Tournament 59 – 45 and St. Martins 58 – 40 in the final which earned them a spot in the Eastern Maine tournament.  Spencer and Dodge were the offensive catalyst scoring 20 and 16 points respectively.  Defeated Monson 61 – 57 (OT)  in quarter final. Darrell Spencer and Dana Connors provided the crucial push for Easton.  They went on to defeat  Jonesport in the semi –final 60 – 45.and lost to MDI in the EM Final 60 – 52..  Darrell Spencer was named to the All County second team.   Darrell Spencer and Doug Dodge were selected to the All Tournament team and Barry Richardson was selected to the 2nd Team.


1960:  Easton had an outstanding won – lost record of 15 – 3 during the regular season and 17 – 4 overall. In the Regional Tournament they defeated Hodgdon and St. Martins to earn the top seed in the EM Tournament.   Lost to Princeton in the quarter-final 56 – 52 in overtime.  Darrell Spencer was named to the All Aroostook first team and he led the Bears in scoring with 380 and averaged 21.1pg The team was coached by Mr. Beek.


1961: Completed the regular season with an 11 – 5 record.  The played in the Class S Regional Tournament where they defeated Island Falls 78 -59 and St. Martins 74 – 56.  They advanced to the EM S Tournament defeating Jonesport in the quarter final Jonesport 80-66.  In the semi-final lost to Monson Academy 90 – 60.  Dana Connors was named to the All Tournament 1st Team and Roy Curtis received honorable mention. Their overall record was 14 – 6.  In the quarter final game game Dana Connors scored 42 points which was one point shy of the tournament record.  This was Jim Ugone’s first year as head coach.


1962:  The Bears were 16-2 during the regular season.  At the Northern Class S Regional the Bears defeated Hodgdon 80 – 29 and St. Martins 70 – 59. Ranked no. 1 Easton defeated  no. 8 Jonesport 54  48 in the quarter-final with Roger Chesley leading the “Bears” with 15 points.  Teammates Roy Curtis and Bruce Bolster each added eight.   In the semi-final they defeated no. 4 Deer Isle 58 - 50.  The “Bears” were again led by Chesley with 15 points while Bolster added 12 and Jim Brown 11.  Easton lLost to Stonington in the EM Final 75 – 50, Jim Brown led the “Bears” offensively with 13 points and Roy Curtis added 11.


1963:  Ended the regular season with a 13 – 5 record and in 5th spot in the Heal Point ratings.  The Bears qualified for the Eastern Maine Class M Tournament.  They defeated Stonington 78 to 76 in overtime in the quarter-final, Steve Foster connected for 28 points and Jim Brown 22.   They lost to no. 1 Brownville Junction 59 to 52 in the semi-final game.  After trailing much of the game Easton fought back to tie the score early in the fourth quarter, the Brownville went on an eight point run to put the game away.  Jim Brown had 17 points, Blake Perry 12 and Steve Foster 11.  Jim Brown and Steve Foster to the All – Tournament team.


1964:  Finishing with a 15-3 record earned them the no. 1 seed in the Eastern Maine S. tournament.  Defeated Monson Academy in the quarter-final 84-49. The Bears jumped out to a 49-22 half time lead and never looked back. Talented Steve Foster was key for Easton scoring 15 first half points and finished as the games high scorer with 20, Blake Perry finished with 15 and Rick Brown 10.  In the semi-finals they defeated Beals 84-68.  Easton displayed outstanding balance, 6’3” Blake Perry led the Bears with 22 points, Jerry Tweedie and Steve Foster each contributed 16, Tyler Perry 12 and Dick Langley 10.  In the EM S Final Easton rolled past Solon 84-63.  The Bears jumped out to a 41-26 half time lead. Easton controlled the rebounding action led by Rick Brown’s 18 boards.  Steve Foster led the offense with 21 points, Tyler Perry added 18, Rick Brown 14, Dick Langley 13 and Blake Perry 12. The Bears averaged 84ppg in the tournament. Lost to State Championship game to Casco 86 – 82 in overtime.  Casco outscored the Bears from the foul line 30 to 8.  Foster again led the Bears with 24, Blake Perry added 18, Dick Langley 15 and Tyler Perry 10.

1965: See 1965 team document.


1966:  Easton was 6-12  this season finishing 15th in the Heal Point ratings. Tyler Perry led the team in scoring with a 19.9 average, Oliver Gardiner average 10.9 ppg, Alan Tweedie 8.8ppg


1967:  Easton had an 8-8 record finishing 10th in the Heal Points. No Tourney appearance.  Alan Tweedie led the team in scoring 13.8ppg, Cally Hersom 10.9 and Kim Richardson at 9.6ppg.


1965:  Front: Gary Fitzherbert, Ralph LaPointe, Tom Wolverton, Keith Richardson, Jeff Carter. Back: Coach Jim Ugone, Jerry Tweedie, Daryl Johnston, Rick Brown, Ollie Gardner, Tyler Perry, Photo courtesy of PaperTalk magazine


1968:  Went to the tournament ranked no. 5 with an 8 -10 record where they defeated no. 4 Beals  73 – 56.  Offensively the Bears were paced by Kim Richardsons 24, Al Tweedie 19, and Gary Rattray’s 15.  Easton was 12 for 14 from the charity stripe.  Defeated by Mattawamkeag in the semi-final 58 – 54.  Al Tweedie led the Bear offense with 20 points, Al Leach had 11 and Kim Richardson 10. The Bears were 17 for 29 from the foul line.


 1969:  The Bears had a 1 – 14 record and finished eleventh.  No Class S Quarter finals this year.

1970:  Easton had a 3 -13 record and finished 6th.  There were no Class S Quarter finals because of so few teams in Class S.  Mills averaged 10.3ppg, Al Leach 10.1 and Gerry Flewelling 9.4ppg.




1948:  John McIntyre (Easton) first team

1949:  John McIntyre (Easton) first team Class M

1956:  Barry Tapley (First team) Charles Osgood (2nd team)

1957:  Barry Tapley & Mickey Perry (1st team); Russell LaPointe & Dale Grant (2nd team)

1958:  Barry Tapley (1st team); Doug Dodge (2nd team)

1959:  Doug Dodge (1st team); Barry Richardson (2nd team)

1960:  Dave Dodge (1st team)

1961:  Dana Connors

1962:  Jim Brown (1st team); Dick Curtis, Roger Chesley (2nd team)

1963:  Jim Brown & Steve Foster (Class M)

1964:  Steve Foster, Blake Perry  (Class S)

1965:  Tyler Perry , Gary Fitzhebert

1968:  Al Tweedie

1974:  Tom Osgood,  Hugh Grant

1980:  Dan Giljam, Mark Page, Gary Milbury

1981:  Mark Page

1988:  Chris Gray

1991:  Jerod Cronkite




Thank you to Elizabeth Stevens at the Bangor Public Library for providing me related articles from the Bangor Daily News, The book Fifty-One Years of Basketball Playing in Aroostook County, Northeast Publishing and the Mark and Emily Turner Library, The Stats Guy and the Easton High School Library for allowing me to research.